“We’ll be there for you”: meet our trio of new best friends

You guys all know that I love to say that collaboration is the future. And I don’t just talk the talk – I walk the walk! I’ve been busy behind the scenes doing my research and building relationships so I can find the right partners to bring YOU the best solutions. 


And this month I’m proud to announce not one, not two, but three new strategic partners to help enhance the Shipz offering even more. Introducing CLAMs, Xeneta and PayCargo.  

Here’s a little bit more about our new friends. 


Created by top lawyer Alison Cusack, CLAMs is a unique chatbot designed to streamline and triage cargo claims. By working on a per ocean bill basis, and through simplifying the collection of required cargo claim information, it can provide users with a traffic light assessment on each claim, reducing the time that importers, exporters and forwarders alike spend on unnecessary claims.

Alison told us all about it: “Working as a principal lawyer in the maritime industry, you can’t even imagine how many hours, and dollars, I’ve seen wasted on unnecessary or inaccurate claims. I developed CLAMs to make much-needed efficiencies, and when I was looking for a partner to implement it, Shipz was my first choice. Its commitment to helping to create effective and successful supply chains really stood out to me. I’m proud to partner with Shipz exclusively, making it the first in the industry to utilise this solution.” 


Xeneta is a leading freight rate benchmarking and market analytics platform that provides the world’s largest dataset of real-time and on-demand ocean and air freight rates. 

They really believe in the potential that the shipping industry has, and they have a clear vision about how they’re going to help make the changes that are needed to unlock it. Combining a logistics background and information technology expertise, with dedication and a passion for the industry, they truly excite me as a company, and make the perfect fit for Shipz. 

And they’re pretty excited about working with us, too: "Helping to digitize the logistics and shipping industries is the core vision of Xeneta. We're thrilled to collaborate with forward-thinking companies like Shipz and offer shippers on-demand rate data that will enable them to make more informed decisions."


The number one online platform for cargo payments allows businesses to move cargo faster and reduce payment costs. With over 3,000 vendors in their network, PayCargo offers a more secure and efficient way to reduce the costs associated with payment processing and to eliminate the traditional resource-intensive system of requesting, printing, mailing and delivering checks, wire transfers or cash. 

PayCargo is all about taking away the hassle usually involved in the traditional ways of doing business; simplifying it, taking it all online and keeping everything you need in one place. Speed, efficiency, effectiveness, security – those are key values shared by Shipz, making them the perfect partner for us.   

So there you have it – the new holy trinity of Shipz collaborators! What do you think? Well, why not try them out for yourself?

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