Sarah Barnes / CEO

Sarah Barnes is a logistician turned supply chain marketer and tech CEO. Recently named Top 100 most influential women leaders in Supply Chain (global) and Top 100 most influential Women in Canadian Supply Chain, Sarah has spent the past 20 years in logistics and supply chain. 

Sarah is Co - Founder and CEO of Shipz Inc, a new technology platform encompassing all of her experience and knowledge in supply chain bringing innovative, collaborative ideas together into one platform for the supply chain industry. Sarah also brings her passion and industry stories to life in an industry that has traditionally been about stats and numbers. As the host of the popular Lets Talk Supply Chain Podcast (LTSC), Sarah brings awareness to brands and hot topics in the industry which includes her infamous Women in Supply Chain series. 

In her spare time you can find her on the field throwing out runners at second base, on the beach or singing in the car