7th June 2021

Shipz CEO Jonathan Kempe has been invited onto the VCARE Academies Education and Research Practitioners Board.

The board is the strategic decision maker and vision setter in realizing Supply Chain Education and Research. The Education and Research Practitioner Board (ERPB) is composed of academicians, subject matter experts, and industry specialists around the globe. Jonathan is the youngest member of the Board, and also has the least amount of letters after his name!

"The modern supply chain must evolve to meet new global and local challenges. ERPB recognizes global and local practitioners have met the challenges to keep everything flowing smoothly. ERPB regional leaders would contribute in suggesting ways to meet international and local complexities throughout the supply chain network."

We are excited for further collaboration with the VCARE Academy, and to pooling our knowledge with other practitioners across Asia Pacific, and the globe.

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