U.S. Revitalization Plan

U.S. Revitalization Plan

10th January 2021

We have been invited to join an exclusive group of US-based collaborators to develop the following strategic project: A Revitalization Plan for U.S. Maritime Trade, Commerce, and Strategic Competition. We are the only non-US contributors to the project!

Jonathan says: "It has been an intense privilege with the highly competent, passionate, and focused team from COPE. This Plan is revolutionary, and will ultimately bring a significant amount of transformational change to the maritime domain, and to global supply chains".

From the COPE website:

A Revitalization Plan for U.S. Maritime Trade, Commerce, and Strategic Competition has been developed by the Northeast Maritime Institute – Center for Ocean Policy and Economics (COPE), and provides short, medium, and long-term solutions and benefits for the United States, her allies, and trading partners across the world.

The Revitalization Plan delivers positive national security, trade, sovereign capability, and sustainability outcomes through maritime initiatives. Building upon the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, “The Jones Act,” the Plan provides a framework for a coherent and comprehensive national maritime strategy that protects both domestic capacity and enhances international operations.

The Plan includes six key strategies:

  1. Launch Open International U.S. Flag
  2. Establish Short Sea Transshipment Hub
  3. Modernize Maritime Workforce
  4. Create a Maritime Venture Capital Fund
  5. Build Public-Private-International Partnerships
  6. Establish and Implement Green Shipping Strategy

Further information is available here: https://thecope.org/a-revitalization-plan-for-u-s-maritime-trade-commerce-and-strategic-competition/

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