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This make cents

28th June 2022

A recent thought-provoking article from Splash 24/7 explored what the future cost of sustainable (green) shipping might be for consumers. Paying an extra 8 cents for a pair of Nikes, or an extra $10 for a refrigerator sounds like a good trade-off for low emission shipping. When you look at the details however, it becomes quite apparent that this future state will be very costly to attain.

The initial capital injection required to reach those environmentally-friendly goals runs into the billions; a cost that will only be reluctantly accepted if practical regulation encourages adoption - and investment in the production - of alternate fuels such as green methanol. The ongoing / secondary costs of producing, transporting and storing such new and novel fuel types needs to be factored in too.

These costs are often passed on to consumers, through increased prices, of which a major component will be the cost of (greener) transportation. With freights rates already dominating headlines, it will take a lot of motivation and effort to convince shippers that this cost is both necessary and worth it.

Cheap later… expensive, now. But isn’t a cleaner future worth the investment? 

Read more from Splash 24/7 here:

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