We are on the slipway!

We are on the slipway!

20th June 2022

We are on the slipway! That's right, shipz.com has now entered a rigorous period of testing with an exclusive group of partners! We are tweaking the tracking and booking features prior to launching out into the open ocean in July. We're grateful for the feedback we've received thus far, and we look forward to learning more from those intrepid travellers who have joined us on this journey

Three updates:

  1. New name
    How do you like our new domain name, shipz.com? Pretty great, hey! We're excited to launch with something memorably, playful and professional, and says just what we do!

  2. New Features
    We've made tracking shipment creation easier; added new organisation settings to aid collaboration; updated the navigation look/feel. We've got a lot more in the pipeline, including customized quoting, and quick + secure payment processing.
  3. New Pricing
    We've taken your feedback on board and made our pricing simpler. The Confirmed Booking service fee is capped at 3% of the total shipment value, and tracking is only $10/shipment. As always, your first five shipments are free, so why not jump on shipz.com and try out some of the new features!

Have any comments, questions or suggestions? We'd love to hear from you!

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