Lecture at RMIT Vietnam

Lecture at RMIT Vietnam

26th August 2021

'Securing Global Supply Chains' is a key component of what we are building at Shipz. We were invited to lecture to a class of senior students at RMIT Vietnam on this very important topic.

The 2 hour lecture was attended by a vocal group of students that gave very positive feedback and asked a number of thought-provoking questions. Topics covered off included:

  • Supply chain resiliency
  • The use of IOT to increase visibility
  • How physical security in the supply chain works
  • The role of connecting technologies and communications
  • Security considerations for BLE, GSM, GPS, and Satellite connectivity
  • Insider threats and cybersecurity

It was a privilege to talk to the students, and to hear from the next generation of supply chain practitioners about their thoughts and concerns! Thank you Jay Fortenberry for the invitation!

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