Over-Weight Surcharge (OWS)
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Over-Weight Surcharge (OWS)

September 12th, 2022

Hariesh Manaadiar has drawn our attention to an ‘Over-weight Surcharge’ (OWS) that CMA-CGM is now leveling on cargo traversing the Asia to Europe routes.

“The announced OWS is $150 per 20′ dry with container gross weight equal to or over 20 tons.” Be aware that this is a gross weight measure Eg includes the weight of the container. Shippers will have to carefully deduct the container weight from the total weight, as they calculate out the end shipping cost.

This is a unique surcharge, and reflects a common practice that many shippers have experienced over the last 24 months - changing charge rates and obscure additions to transportation costs. We're particularly interested in clarifying how the OWS is calculated: It will be confusing for shippers as they attempt to adjust pack weights to accommodate the weight of the container in the total calculation.

Source: Shipping and Freight Resource


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