USyd Public Debate

USyd Public Debate

15th November 2021

"Blockchains for supply chains"

Founder Jonathan Kempe went head-to-head with a Director from KPMG about the relevance / need for blockchains in supply chains. Jonathan argued that blockchains were irrelevant, technologically deficient, and placed an unnecessary burden on participants, without providing any real benefits.

The live recording can be viewed HERE

The following excerpt is from the official launch site of ITLS:

There is increasing interest in blockchain technology as a way to improve supply chain visibility and security, both internationally and domestically. This seminar will explore what blockchain technology can and cannot achieve for supply chains, where the technology is most applicable, and where alternative solutions would be more appropriate.

To help us navigate through these complex issues, Max Soyref Director in KPMG's in Innovation, Solutions and Ventures division will play the role of protagonist. Over the last three years, Max has led the development of KPMG Origins, a blockchain-based data sharing platform that helps global trading partners codify trust for more streamlined interactions across organisations and borders.

Jonathan Kempe will play the role of antagonist. Jonathan has over 20 years’ experience as a systems administrator across a broad array of disciplines. He has held a number of diverse roles from senior positions in large corporates; founding and running several businesses; holding trusted positions in nationally accredited NFPs and NGOs, and working in an Australian Defence Force endorsed satellite communications provider.

The event was chaired by Professor Michael Bell. Feedback from the audience was very positive, and there was broad support for the sentiment that Jonathan expressed.

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