Shipping delays in CA and Caribbean
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Shipping delays in CA and Caribbean

September 20th, 2022

Public Service Announcement: The below linked article from JOC explains "Shippers are facing delays of up to four weeks in transshipping cargo through Central American and Caribbean ports due to tight vessel capacity and schedule disruption".

These delays are expected to ease in the coming weeks, as backlogs are cleared and various labour shortages - exacerbated by COVID - are resolved.

Please keep weather systems in mind too; we are in the middle of the Atlantic hurricane season and the weather has been unpredictable as of late.If you're shipping in this region, allow more time for transit, or - in the case of time-sensitive cargo - consider alternate arrangements through other modes.

Link to further reading on Journal of Commerce ( here.

Manzanillo International Terminal at Colon, Panama. Photo credit:


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