CIO Summit Conference

CIO Summit Conference

15th September 2021

Thanks to CIO Online for inviting CEO, Jonathan Kempe to speak about a rather polarising topic! We covered off various themes that were of interest to enthusiasts, engineers, decision-makers and executives. There were lively questions during the Q&A.

Title: The deceptive allure of blockchains

1. Plankton to Primate: How the historical evolution of thought, technology, society, and corporations created the starting conditions for blockchain ‘solutions’

2. Promising to Panacea: How knowledge gaps, the rebalancing of intergenerational wisdom and the speed of technological advancement have allowed ideas behind blockchains to thrive

3. Present-day Practicalities: How you can use alternate, existing, low-cost, low-complexity, and highly effective technology solutions to enhance business operations and increase profitability

Jonathan's desire was to address the audience as informed and skilful individuals, who have navigated through a raft of scenarios and problems over their long business careers, and empower them (especially in that last section) to use their existing faculties – wisdom, discernment, and a detailed understanding of their business’s needs – to make better choices about what to investigate, and what to discard. Jonathan didn't push any one solution but instead painted a picture of what is available in the open marketplace, and what tools (resources and people) are around to help decision makers make better choices.

CIO Summit (Online)
Wednesday, 15th Sep 2021
8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. AEST

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