Accident: MV Eagle rolls and sinks
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Accident: MV Eagle rolls and sinks

September 18th, 2022

September 17: Click here to witness the moment the cargo ship SEA EAGLE loses stability while offloading containers in the Port of Iskenderun, Turkey.

The 3,120 gross ton cargo ship listed to starboard during initial unloading, then capsized over her portside, while unloading additional containers later in the evening. She then sank completely, resting on her side at the bottom of the harbour. It is yet to be verified, but early indications are a defective ballast motor to the cause. Thankfully, all personnel were evacuated without incident or injury.

Container handling can be complicated and dangerous. Large boxes, with empty weights over 2 tonnes, and laden up to 25T+, swinging about above people and equipment... Mechanical failure notwithstanding: These events are bound to be repeated if pack weights aren't accurate, or if port or vessel personnel are overworked or fatigued.

Marine Traffic entry:

Video courtesy of @salvage_and_wreck (IG)


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