Industry News

Spot Rate Movement

July 1, 2022
Container Spot Rate levels are weakening, according to the World Container Index, which should bring welcome Rate relief to shippers. Read on to discover more...

New Features

June 30, 2022
We've received some very practical feedback from a dedicated group of users, and have subsequently built a number of new features that we'd love you to try out!
Industry News

This make cents

June 28, 2022
Paying an extra 8 cents for a pair of Nikes, or an extra $10 for a refrigerator sounds like a good trade-off for low emission shipping. But will the industry pay the billions of dollars required to make the change?

We are on the slipway!

June 20, 2022
slipway .n /ˈslɪpweɪ/ - "A slope built leading down into water, used for launching and landing boats and ships.." is readying for launch - We're excited to share three important updates!

U.S. Revitalization Plan

January 10, 2022
We join an exclusive group of US collaborators to develop: A Revitalization Plan for U.S. Maritime Trade, Commerce, and Strategic Competition.

AMLRN Presentation

December 2, 2021
Presentation to the Australian Maritime Logistics Research Network (AMLRN) - RMIT - titled 'Cents, Sense, Scents, and Sense'.

USyd Public Debate

November 15, 2021
Read more about our public debate for the University of Sydney's Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies series on blockchains in supply chains.

S&OP Global Podcast

November 7, 2021
We were invited to speak on the S&OP Global Podcast about the current state of shipping, and how it affects global supply chains.

CIO Summit Conference

September 15, 2021
At CIO online, we covered off various themes about supply chains that were of interest to decision-makers and executives.

We join the SCLAA!

August 27, 2021
We are proud to announce that we've joined the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA).

Launch: LTSC AsiaPac Podcast

August 27, 2021
We're incredibly excited to announce that Let's Talk Supply Chain (LTSC) AsiaPac's first episode is now live!

Lecture at RMIT Vietnam

August 26, 2021
Find out more about our invitation to lecture to a class of senior students at RMIT Vietnam on Securing Global Supply Chains.

Lecture at RMIT Melbourne

August 26, 2021
Find out more about our lecture to a senior class of practitioners studying supply chain management (SCM) at RMIT Melbourne.

TIM Conference

July 27, 2021
Find out more about our presentation at the Technology in Maritime Conference (TIM) 2021.

LTSC AsiaPac: Soft Launch

June 30, 2021
We are proud to announce the soft launch of the Lets' Talk Supply Chain Asia Pacific Podcast!


June 7, 2021
We have been invited onto the VCARE Academies Education and Research Practitioners Board.

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