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In just a few minutes you can create a booking request  and send it off to multiple Service Providers! Evaluate received quotes on price, value, included features or customer service. Confirm the booking and swap notes and shipment documentation directly with your preferred Provider. Once your booking is confirmed, track and manage your shipments end-to-end, all on the Shipz platform!

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Book with confidence

Post your Booking Request with the confidence that only Stripe KYC vetted Service Providers can respond. Review each quote and accept the one that best matches your needs: Price, speed, customer service, or any other features!

The right data, all in the one place

We support and store key data about your shipment: Incoterms, HS codes, scheduled dates, PO numbers, photos, import or export documents, product details, seal IDs, container types, origin and delivery address details and more.

Powerful container tracking

Once your booking is confirmed, you can track your shipments inside shipz.com! Know where your containers are at any time and receive updates on changes such as ETA. Track progress and view key milestones. Directly liaise with your Providers for detailed updates and insights on events or delays.

Collaborate: Connect + Share

Invite your Freight Forwarder to collaborate on your shipments. Eliminate the endless stream of emails and phone calls and make messaging your Service Provider a quick and hassle-free experience.

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Shipz Marketplace

Bringing together a global community of Shippers and Service Providers to book and manage shipments: Fast, easy, secure.

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