Drea Burbank / Product

Drea is a MD-technologist and serial entrepreneur applying high-tech solutions in critical sectors. Her recent projects include include work with Newspace, behavioral design, civ-tech and smart cities, artificial intelligence and machine learning, cybersecurity, near-infrared spectroscopy, functional MRI, stem-cells and tissue-engineering, vascular composite allograft, 3D printing, virtual reality, blockchain, specialist networks, nanotechnology, voice-recognition software, microbiome sequencing, web/app product design, business strategy, startup strategy, social enterprise, popular science writing, branding/PR and niche marketing. In global health, she develops high-tech for low-resource environments. 

Drea is CEO of the consulting firm Delinquent Savants™, working with the military, law, medicine, computer science, business developers, creatives, and academics around the world to solve hard scientific and social problems with disruptive technology.