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Many mid-sized companies do import and export, and want to work with forwarders, but they are limited by the current process. Meanwhile, forwarders are equally strained by the amount of “free” work they do, and by being treated like a bank. Shipz is a neutral bid-and-ship platform for mid-market shippers, providing forwarders with a safe space to stay in the ring.


Direct access to shippers, quotes and instant bookings.


Instant info, benchmarking, and payment options.


Closes the gap and alleviates the hassle for carriers.

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Many shipments are charged by weight, but some items are bulky and don't weight much. In this case, shipment costs are calculated based on how much space items occupy on the aircraft or truck. This is called volume weight, or dimensional weight. We automatically check this for you, and the greater of the two weights is used to work out your chargeable weight.

Inches: Length x Width x Height / 166 = Your volume weight in lbs
Inches: Length x Width x Height / 366 = Your volume weight in kg
Centimeters: Length x Width x Height / 6000 = Your volume weight in kg

Yes! We store your goods in either long or short-term secure storage. Our providers have have safe and secure warehouses; at rates well below the market norm. Just make sure you include this request when you request your quote.

Your Forwarders will provide you with updated tracking information through our notification system. You can also request information by messaging them through out platform. Please don't forget to say thanks for the peace-of-mind by leaving them a great review!

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